Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Sonic Boom

A little while ago I got Sonic Boom. I tried Sonic Boom out. One of his attacks lets him throw out little babies, two at a time, but once you upgrade it you can have three out at once. His roar attack lets him do a big roar doing 26 damage to your enemies. But, when you upgrade it, it can do 39. And, if you choose the roar path, like I did, you can charge up your roar attack to do 45 damage and have longer range. Also, another upgrade for the roar attack is an attack that when you throw a baby when it's still in its egg, roar at it, and it will create an explosion, knocking enemies backward.
And there are two more upgrades I am going to tell you about. The first one makes it so that when you roar at your enemies, if your roar hits them, it will expand off that enemy, hitting all enemies with 11 damage in a big area. And here is the last upgrade I'm going to tell you about. It lets you roar at your babies and they will roar too.
Good-bye for now!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Yesterday I got the Skylander Bash. I tried him out. I ended up choosing the rolling path because the tail swipe was already pretty good. Now, after choosing the rolling path, my Bash's rolling does 41 damage each time he hits an enemy.

The first upgrade on the rolling path is an upgrade that makes your roll attack do 25 damage. After that, there's an upgrade that makes your roll do 31 damage and you can roll through your enemy's attacks but you still get damaged by their attacks. The final upgrade on the rolling path makes your roll attack do 41 damage and it increases the speed of your roll and you turn HUGE while in your roll. After that there is a move that you need the soul gem for. It increases your armor amount but even if you choose the tail path, you still can do this move.

That's all the upgrades for the rolling path. Good-bye for now!